Reconstruction and extension of the building for the needs of the Youth Culture and Education Center “Dom Harcerza” in Zielona Góra. Project co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund within the Regional Operational Programme – “Lubuskie 2020”.

Youth Culture and Education Center “Dom Harcerza”

a few words about our history

On September 20, 1986 “Dom Harcerza” was established in Zielona Góra, and became a place open to artistically gifted youth. However, before the institution was built, 16 years had passed since the establishment of the “Social Committee for the Construction of Dom Harcerza”. In 1970 fundraising for this purpose began.

The ceremonial opening took place on September 20, 1986. At the beginning, the following sections were created: computer, art, model-making, theater, dance, photography and artistic weaving. "Dom Harcerza" (Polish for “Scout's House”), as the name suggests, was to serve primarily scouts as a methodological center. However, the institution was called a community center, perhaps to give it a more universal character. Apart from scouts, the facility was also open to "unorganized" youth, as newspaper advertisements nicely described it.

Looking at the model of the facility, it might seem that the building was designed in a modern way as for the 1970s. However, the created object differed from the project. Looking like an ordinary gray cube, it did not impress with its architecture. Nowadays, vines that cover the stairs and part of the façade add charm to it.

In those years, “Dom Harcerza” was financed mainly by the Board of Education and Upbringing of the Voivodeship Office in Zielona Góra. Today this task belongs to the Town Hall.

In 2008, Youth Culture Center “Dom Harcerza” and the Center for Communication and Polytechnic Education merged into Youth Culture and Education Center “Dom Harcerza”, which runs afternoon educational and artistic classes for children and youth.

In 2010, Youth Culture and Education Center “Dom Harcerza” was awarded the title of the Place of Discovering Talents, so it is an institution that contributes to discovering, promoting and supporting the talents of children and youth.

The staff of “Dom Harcerza” are teachers with great creative potential. Many of them are creators and artists known in Zielona Góra, getting awards and distinctions in Polish and international competitions. They are active and inspire young people to be creative. The teachers form a well-coordinated team open to newness.

In September 2018, the institution started a new school year in a new building at Wyszyńskiego 19A in Zielona Góra.